About us

Our Mission

At IsraelCampus.live our mission is to enrich Christians’ Israel knowledge through live classes.

We Believe

We believe that today, more than any other time, Christians want access to learn, ask and explore Israel’s history, archaeology, geopolitics and current affairs, straight from Israeli professors and leaders, without a financial burden. In a period when getting to the Land of the Bible is a challenge, we wish to provide Christians with the closest Israel experience you can have without being there.

We are combining our passion together with technology and the most fascinating speakers in Israel, in order to allow you to enjoy Israel up close and enrich your knowledge.

What Do We Do

We have brought together Israel’s most fascinating minds and in a series of pre-scheduled classes, presented live. The platform will allow participants to interact with the teachers, and learn about the Land of the Bible, its people and its culture. Together with the live classes we are offering a variety of products including unlimited access for content, unique live experiences, a Haifa University Certificate for completing classes and more.

Who We Are

We are Jews and Christians who are passionate about creating sturdy bridges between the Christian community and Israel. We bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with the global Christian community and Israel.  

Uri Steinberg has vast experience in working with the faith-based market and Israel. In late 2018, Uri completed four years of service as Israel’s Tourism Commissioner for North America. During this period, tourism from North America, which accounts for more than 20% of incoming tourism to Israel, has broken all records. 


Robert Potts has served as Israel Ministry of Tourism Director for Christian relations in the southern US for four years. Robert is an evangelical Christian, with an extensive network of relationships and knowledge of the Christian community and culture. 

Guy Gordon is the CEO of Gordon Travel Group, is the third generation to one of Israel's leading travel companies specializing in faith-based travel for the last 45 years. Guy is an advisor who has been working with many startups in Israel, mainly in the travel and finance industries. 

We are proud to partner with  The Charney Forum for New Diplomacy (CFND). The Forum, in partnership with the University of Haifa, offers tailor-made programs, empowering participants to play an active role in the evolving international arena. Programs are targeted to civil society organizations, multinational corporations, faith-based organizations, students and professionals. The diverse content offered by the Charney Forum provides practical tools to navigate the information overload, decentralization of international relations, and the extensive use of digital platforms.



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