From Temple to Synagogue and Church-The resilience of Judaism and Christianity after the Destruction of the Second Temple

Lyana Rotstein

Discover the Secrets of the Dramatic Story of Masada

Lyana Rotstein

The History of Jerusalem

Michael Bauer

Biblical Tamar - Exodus and the Israeli Desert - Between Israel's Wanderings to Solomon the King and the Prophecy on Messiah

Yoni Shtern, M.A

Southern Wall Excavations : What we know about Jewish life in the 2nd Temple Period

Assaf Boker, M.A

Mt Herzl as an attempt to create an Israeli collective memory

Assaf Boker, M.A

The archaeological mysteries of the City of David

James (Jamie) Elgrod

The US - Israel Relationship: Origins, Present and Future

Dan Feferman

Israel in a Shifting Middle East

Dr. Dan Schueftan

The evolving Relationship between the Evangelical world and Zionism

Rabbi Dr. David Barak-Gorodetsky

Longing for Zion: From a Dream to Reality - The integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel

Pnina Agenyahu

Israel’s Foreign Policy: A Perspective from a Former Senior Israeli Diplomat

Gideon Meir


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