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Israel’s Political System in the Age of Coronavirus

Ambassador Ido Aharoni

The archaeological mysteries of the City of David

James (Jamie) Elgrod

Longing for Zion: From a Dream to Reality - The integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel

Pnina Agenyahu

Israel in a Shifting Middle East

Dr. Dan Schueftan

Where did Jesus’s trial actually take place? New Discoveries on the trial’s exact location

Dr. Shahar Shilo

Jerusalem as Medicine: Stories of Jewish-Christian healing

Professor Shari Sarah Motro

Israel’s Foreign Policy: A Perspective from a Former Senior Israeli Diplomat

Ambassador Gideon Meir

Israeli breakfast - A cooking Class !!

Surprise !

The Evolving Relationship Between between the Evangelical world and Zionism

Rabbi Dr. David Barak-Gorodetsky

The US -Israel Relationship: Origins, Present and Future

Dan Feferman

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