Gideon Meir

Former Ambassador, Former Director General, Israeli Statesman

Former Ambassador of the State of Israel to Italy, Malta & San Marino;
Former Director General for Public Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Meir led a fulfilling 45 year service as a diplomat at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Throughout his diplomatic career, he served in several key positions in Israel and abroad, including: Consul and Administrative Officer at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC, where he was a member of the negotiation team of the Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt (1979); Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) at the Israeli Embassy in Ottawa, Canada; Director of the Training Division at the MFA, which included training all diplomats of the cadets’ course; DCM at the Israeli Embassy in London, England, and Chargé D'affaires in Dublin, Ireland; Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on World Jewish Affairs; Deputy Director General of the MFA for Media and Public Affairs; Ambassador of the State of Israel to Italy, Malta, San Marino and the Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO), having worked closely with the Italian government, and establishing excellent relations with their top leaders, including President Napolitano, and Prime Ministers Prodi and Berlusconi. Upon his return from Italy in 2012, Meir served as Director General for Public Diplomacy of the MFA, and retired in 2014.


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