Lyana Rotstein

Israeli Educator

Lyana was born in the USA and, at the age of 3, her family moved to Israel. Lyana grew up in an extremely Zionist home in Jerusalem, first in the Jewish Quarter and then in one of the newer neighborhoods of the city. Her family’s love and commitment to Israel and the Jewish People inspired Lyana deeply, and from a young age she became interested in Jewish History and the Jewish Connection to the Land of Israel. Lyana was introduced to Land of Israel studies already in high school, and later, in the army, she worked with the new immigrants coming from the FSU as well as with Israeli soldiers, educating them as to the deep connection between Israel, the Bible and the Jewish People. Following her military service, she went on to get her BA and MA from Bar Ilan University in Land of Israel Studies.
In order to combine her love of Israel with her love of people, she decided to become a tour educator, with the goal of exposing as many people as possible to the wonders and miracles of the Land, its Biblical Heritage and its age-old deep-rooted connection with the Jewish People, while, at the same, bringing enrichment to their lives and providing them with a deep and meaningful experience.
For the past 25 years, Lyana has guided and enlightened a wide variety of clients: community and national leadership missions - mainly from the USA, Canada and Australia, families, individuals, political groups, interfaith and intergenerational groups, and others.
Lyana lives in Modiin, the city of the Maccabees and the site of the Hanukka story, with her husband and 4 children.


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