Rabbi Dr. David Barak-Gorodetsky

Scholar of American Judaism, University of Haifa

Rabbi Barak-Gorodetsky is a scholar of American Judaism and its relations with Zionism and Israel. He teaches at the Ruderman Program for Jewish American Studies at the University of Haifa, and is the founder of the RAID forum for research of the religious aspect of Israel-Diaspora relations at the Ben Gurion Research Institute. His fields of research also include political theology, post-secularism and the relations between religion and state in Israel. His book Jeremiah in Zion, an intellectual biography of Rabbi Judah Leib Magnes, was published in 2018 by Ben-Gurion University Press. Rabbi Barak-Gorodetsky is also the Reform Rabbi in the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council, and formerly the director of KUMU for the politicization of Jewish Pluralism in Israel.


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